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Like any good grand opening, a line at the door means good things are inside!

Sign up for the waitlist and you'll also get:
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Access to special print runs and weekly free printing promotions
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First in line for full production, direct-to-can printing at our best prices
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Influence on what we prioritize and offer when we launch to the public
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Personal training on making the most of your Do Anything Cans
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Creating “Do Anything Cans” means creating new opportunities and freedoms for brewers. It means redefining what small batch means. A new way of sourcing cans.

Do Anything Cans™ make brewers more efficient, creative and inspired. It’s time for a new normal.

Who is in the Beta?

Beta CANIMALs are small and large; beer and non-alcoholic; local and national.

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Do Anything Cans allow these brewers to experiment, without restrictions, in an economical way — turning collaboration on cans into something they look forward to. Because Do Anything Cans are more efficient, design-friendly and inspiring.

When will I get in?

It could be as early as next week.

It might take a little longer. But, our CANIMAL promise: we’ll get back to you within one business day from your sign-up to start the conversation. No matter what, you’ll benefit from signing up for the Beta.

Anyone in the Beta or on the waitlist when we do our full launch will:

Hear it first when CANIMAL is at full production
Get a special gift (it’s a surprise!)
Receive a discount on your first order

Ok, sign me up!

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