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With CANIMAL Printing...

  • Improve cash flow
  • Go plastic free - no sleeves!
  • Experiment more
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Say goodbye to compromises
  • Say hello to Do Anything Cans™
Canimal Can

The New
Can Economy

Do Anything Cans unleash your financial and creative freedom. With no minimum orders. Perfect for everyday production packaging or micro-runs of specialty cans. Be a CANIMAL.

Standard Brew

Increase Margins & Revenue

The math works better with CANIMAL.

  • Improve cash flow with just-in-time delivery.
  • Respond instantly to customer demand and product availability.
  • Buy just enough cans to match your trial batches.
  • Use floor space for production instead of can storage.
  • Produce high-margin limited editions.

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Experiment Without Risk

Today's customers are buying “What's New.” Here's your chance to give it to 'em monthly, weekly, or even daily!

  • Invent new marketing and promotion strategies.
  • Test-market multiple can designs inexpensively.
  • Try new recipes and get customer feedback.

Embrace your inner mad scientist!
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Build Community In New Ways

Inspire dialog. Foster connections.

  • Create special cans to celebrate important events and milestones in your community.
  • Co-brand cans in small batches with businesses and influencers to extend your reach!
  • Do good with custom cans by supporting causes you and your customers care about.
  • Invite people to show off your beer!

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Super Simple, Lightning Fast...

...and FUN! No complicated logistics. Reclaim your joy with CANIMAL!

  • Easy ordering
  • No minimums
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Good communication
  • Always eco-friendly


Say goodbye to design limitations with CANIMAL custom digital printing. Full can printing in quantities ranging from a case to pallets — available on both ZombieCans and brites.

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