Cans that look good, feel good and are satisfying to your environmental soul. Sustainably package your beverage in unused cans, brought BACK TO LIFE, with our patent-pending can blanking process.

ZombieCan ZombieCan

What is Can Blanking?


We get clean, unused pre-consumer cans that can’t be used because of misprints or obsolete graphics.


We permanently conceal the old graphic, creating a ready-to-use blank can.


You can either take the blank ones or we can print new graphics for you!

Why Use ZombieCans?

Available Now

Available Now - American-made. Never imported. No unknown liners.

Do Your Own Thing

Do Your Own Thing - Sleeve or label them. Use their ink-friendly metallic surface to digitally print something new!

Greener Than Recycling

Greener Than Recycling - Skip the trucking, sorting, shredding and remelting. Reduce your carbon footprint. Learn more

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